Trail Mongers

Max is a 45 year old notorious ex heavy metal guitarist from Philadelphia with a tortured past. He disappears into the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest where he can live simply and anonymously. Things don’t go as planned though when his old life intersects with his new one and a legendary trail race now stands in the way of redemption.

Coming Summer 2016

In Kindle and epub format (130,000 words) You can contact the author at

About the Author

Marc Strozyk is a mountain biker, trail runner and running coach living in Northern California. Originally a web programmer from South Jersey and Philadelphia, Marc escaped to California to be surrounded by trees and trails like his main character Max in Trail Mongers. While introduced to running reluctantly during his four year service in the Army Airborne, he has gone on to enjoy running throughout most of his adult life. He has run countless races of varying distances, including hundreds of half marathons, a handful of marathons, and more recently, a few Ultra Marathons. He now strictly runs on trails only.

Trail Mongers had been a story that was conceived by Marc while on a lone mountain bike camping trip to Oregon. After an epic solo ride, Marc envisioned a very rough draft of the story Trail Mongers. While the story has changed quite a bit, Marc’s idea of mountain biking and trail running converging to tell a story of passion and redemption remained throughout.

Note: While the story does contain elements from the authors real life experiences, they have been exaggerated, over dramatized and have become entirely fantastical and a work of fiction.

Trail Mongers is Marc Strozyk's first novel.

Will be available online in epub, kindle or copy to demand format. (currently in third revision)

You can contact the author at

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